Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Links Edition

I have a post coming about all the fun things going on in our family, among them M. being pacifier free for over 48 hours and A.'s graduation. For now, I will just share some interesting links though:
  • Love That Max has an interesting interview of a young athlete with Down Syndrome who will be attending the World Special Olympics in Greece in June. Kayla has an impressive resume and seems very talented and articulate.
  • My Shtub has a great update about her health and also some amazing pictures of her children.
  • Melissa had a hilarious post about the insanity of life as a mom. Warning: there is some strong language and cursing, but it is so true!
  • Here is a medical update about Rina bat Rut, an adolescent who was hospitalized with pnemonia.
  • Lastly, I found an article about parenting that really resonated. Jenny Weisberg had a piece about defiance in children and finding ways to empower them. This is something we are dealig with at home recently, so I might try implementing this at home.
Have you found anything interesting online recently? Please share!

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