Saturday, August 20, 2011

The fun continues

Wednesday was another adventurous day for us. I had found out about mini-golfing at a mall in Talpiot and we thought the kids might enjoy it. We did have a lot of fun, once we finally found it! First the cab driver took us to the wrong mall, then once we were in the right place, we still couldn't find the roof top the golf course was set up on. Several false starts later we were finally there and ready to play!
The kids went from super cranky to super excited pretty quickly. They wanted to play golf just like their Abba. While we had to supervise them to make sure they swung the clubs safely, they looked pretty cute.

Of course, there comes a time when the kids get overtired and need to go home NOW and we need to get better at leaving before they cross that threshold, but all in all it was a fun expedition.
That evening my husband and I headed out to the Wine Festival at the Israel Museum for the second year in a row. For 70 shekel you get a glass and can taste as much wine as you want. Of course, being pregnant I wasn't exactly first in line for the Yatir and the Carmel Reserve but I did savor a little Champagne. And the gardens of the Museum are a beautiful setting for an event. We even managed to snag a much coveted couch for a few minutes.

Thursday and Friday we decided to take it easy and stay local. A and my husband went on a little "date" to Geulah Friday morning. It's always nice to give the kids some quality time and attention on their own. After a quiet and restful shabbos, we are gearing up for another week. We don't have specific plans beyond tomorrow but I kind of like it like that...go with the flow. A bit of a change for my OCD, control-everything personality but that is probably good for me.

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