Monday, August 8, 2011

We are gearing up for Tisha B'Av. I have been drinking water all day although I am not sure how much that will help. Fasting while taking care of kids is very difficult. Fasting while pregnant and taking care of kids...well, we will see.
I have lined up some babysitting help for the morning and am planning on staying indoors all day. That will probably mean lots of video time for the kids but that's what G'd created videos for :)
Once we get through the fast and hopefully even get into the spirit of the day a bit (again, not an easy feat when home with little children), it will be laundry marathon so we can leave to Israel on Wednesday night with some clean clothing. I have been hoarding quarters so I can use the big machines in the basement of our building.
In other unrelated news, check out my blog post on The Birthfocus Blog. I write about Y's little trip to the ER a few weeks ago and connect it to my doula work.
Wishing everyone an easy and meaningful fast!

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