Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have been pretty good about taking pictures on this trip. Although as someone pointed out to me, I am usually not in them. That is the problem with being the designated photographer, it always looks like you weren't there for all the fun.
Sunday we went to a farm near Beit Shemesh with some cousins. The kids loved the waterslides there and went horseback riding too. I was impressed that they were all brave enough to get on a horse. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of A, because my sister-in-law has it on her camera.
Y on a horse one-handed...impressive :)

M on a his round, although you can't really see his face

A on a tractor ride to see the beautiful view

Monday we went to the science museum which was ridiculously crowded, Tuesday we hung out at the local parks and today we took the kids to a pool. I did not bring my camera because I did not want it to get wet although I wish I had caught a shot of M lounging in a pool chair. Too cute.
I am also happy to report that the kids are starting to show more safety awareness about the pool, so spending time near water is not as anxiety-inducing as it has been, although we definitely still need to be very watchful.
My husband and I have also been trying to take some time for ourselves, since it is our vacation too. We went out to dinner once this week, he took some time to go shopping and to the kotel and I spent a morning wandering around the shuk area and town, just taking in the local Jerusalem flavor.
I have also had some time to meet old friends for coffee and I have to say it is so so nice to catch up. These are people I am not in touch with as much I want to be, but when we get together we have such a great time and I feel like I can talk to them about almost anything and have great discussions on "life'. Makes me realize how nice it is to have close friends and also wish some of them lived a bit more local.
People have asked me what it's like to be here with the ongoing tensions in the South. We are definitely reading the news and keeping up to date, but the funny thing about Israel, for better or worse, is that life goes on. People keep working, maintain their routines and even go out at night. Everyone is trying to just live their life and it feels normal to be part of that culture, even if just for the time being.

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  1. kids look great so glad youre enjoying canr wait to see A on the horse