Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Blanket

Tonight, after a fairly quiet and restful Shabbos I finally had a chance to weave in some loose ends and finish up the baby blanket I had posted about a few weeks ago.
Now it is bigger, but I am not sure I like it better this way

As you can see, I added four panels but I am wondering if it is just too many colors. Plus I was lazy and used stockinette stitch and now the sides are curling under. I can try steaming or ironing it to even it out but that might be too much of a hassle already. Am seriously considering removing the extra panels.
Would love some feedback/comments on this one.

In other news, there has been a lot of blogging and news online this past week about an ad campaign in Milwaukee that compares co-sleeping with your baby to allowing your baby to sleep next to a knife.
A bit much, no?

For some factual information about safe co-sleeping or bed sharing as well as safe and unsafe practices, here are two good articles. The first is from the Birth without Fear Blog, the second one from the website of Dr. Sears, a trusted pediatrician for over 40 years.
I like to have my babies close by, it facilitates breastfeeding at night. That doesn't necessarily mean in my bed but it does happen on occasion. I think everyone needs to make the decision of what works for them without being unnecessarily influenced by misleading scare tactics such as these ad campaigns


  1. What I would do with the blanket: First I would remove the left light grey panel (that's the color that shows on my monitor, could it be light blue?) and make it longer and then sew it back on. That would straighten it out on the left and avoid that gathering look on the dark, left square. Then I would crochet a couple of rows of single crochet around the whole blanket. I think that should straighten out the curl left by the raw sides of the stockinette stitch. Then I would block the whole thing. B'haztlacha!

  2. I'd say remove the borders... beautiful blanket!

  3. Thanks for the feedback
    Debbie, I know what you mean about the panel. I got kind of sloppy/lazy towards the end of my knitting. I thought about crocheting a border but then I thought it might just be too many colors/stitches/ etc.
    Gamzu, I am kind of tempted to remove the panels. I did like the blanket better without it but its a bit too small. Or maybe trying to get more yarn in the colors already used in the blanket and use those for the panes, so that it blends in better...will think about it.