Monday, November 28, 2011

Our family

I am determined to post daily through the end of November. I don't know if anyone aside from my family reads this, but just to prove to myself that I can. And since I am currently holding a cute little bundle in my hands, I have all the time in the world :)
I have to link to this cute list- 18 phrases this mom uses every day. It really made me laugh and I probably use most of them too, as I am assuming do most moms of young children. It is also apropos because it kind of just dawned on me, that I am now the proud mother of four (!!) amazing children. I know this should be fairly obvious to me, just doing basic math, but how crazy is that?
Not quite sure where the time went. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and awed by the responsibility of being in charge of all these little people. But tonight, as we read bedtime books with the baby in my arms and the kids sitting around me (well, almost all of them, Y was off in the corner, pretending to play football and tackle someone), it just felt right and doable. This is my little posse. I just pray that G'd give me the strength and wisdom to give my children all the love, care and education that they need.
And that I don't forget to say Nr. 18 on the list multiple times a day: "I love you!"

Brotherly love


  1. what a beautiful picture of two brothersThat look like each other right now may their love grow and grow

  2. Ruchi, I am so impressed that you're even blogging right now! I can't wait to hear about the midwife-home birth thing. I personally don't feel like that's the choice for me, but then I have an OB who's known for doing VBACs, natural births and interventions only when being in the hospital isn't such a bad trade-off. It must be nice not to be woken up by the nurses to take vitals, though :)