Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Blog in Review

It's been a busy year both in real life and on this little blog. I decided to take a look back to review all the fun things that happened.

In January, I flew to Vienna for a week's vacation with just M. It was fabulous.We also celebrated his second birthday while we were there.

February brought the death of my beloved Oma. I cannot believe it's been almost a year....I still miss her.

March brought more sad news, the terrible massacre of the Fogel Familyin Israel, but the joy of Purim did inject some light into this otherwise dark time.

In April I was preoccupied with cooking and cleaning for Pessach/Passover. Part of the challenge was that i was in my first trimester of pregnancy and extremely tired and nauseaus. But I was not sharing that on the blog (yet).

In May, our family attended the always amazing Yachad Family Shabbaton for families of children with special needs. M also managed to split his eyebrow open at the park, necessating about 15 stitches.

In June, we celebrated Y's birthday and also had a successful DVD-Free Week because the kids video watching habit was getting out of control. I am actually gearing up for iPad free week soon, but am not quite ready yet.

July brought the purchase of an iPad for Y- although it quickly became everyone's favorite toy. I also celebrated my birthday and announced my pregnancy :)

August is the month of our annual family Israel trip. The trip was wonderful as always although physically very stressful on my pregnant body. We got to spend lots of time with extended family as well as do lots of fun things with our little family.

September was the month of A.'s birthday as well as (finally) getting everyone settled back in school.

October was full of Jewish holidays and getting ready for our baby's arrival

In November I joined National Blog Post Month and tried to blog every day. I fell one day short but it was a fun experiment nonetheless. Plus there was the excitement of AY's birth, so I had lots of opportunities to post updates.

December was mostly about Baby AY. I posted about resting and recovering, my birth story as well as general info about homebirth. I also wrote about my strategies for "doing it all" and finally got back to knitting.

What's in store for 2012? The main thing on the agenda will be adjusting to life with four children and getting to a new "normal" schedule. I also have an exciting announcement coming up (, I am not pregnant. Been there, done that! ) so stay tuned.

How was your 2011? Any big plans for 2012?


  1. I recently came across your blog and enjoyed reading each of your posts. Your birth story was incredibly touching...iyH by me!

    May you continue to have the strength to do all that you do -- and even manage to blog about it :)

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, it's always nice to hear people's thoughts. Keep them coming :)