Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Babywearing Knitting Solution

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been getting a lot of use out of my baby carriers but as the weather is getting colder, I am struggling with not being able to close my coats. I feel that both AY and I could use a bit more warmth. I briefly considered buying a babywearing coat, but at a cost of 150-300 dollars, I felt they were too pricey for my budget.
But today I found a solution in an unusual way. We got a lot of presents for Baby AY. I thought it was so nice of people but the truth is I really don't need that much clothing for him and some of it is not the right size. So I have slowly started the process of exchanging things that came with gift receipts. Note to self and others- always include a gift receipt.
This morning, I decided to brave the cold and to head downtown to Buy Buy Baby. I was returning a snowsuit that was too big (size 9 months- by the time it will fit him, it will hopefully be summer!) and in exchange getting these great swaddle cloths/blankets by aden and anais that I have wanted for a while but could not justify spending 40 dollars on. Somehow, when it's someone else's money it is more palatable :)

Anyway, in the store I saw a woman wearing her baby in a regular coat with a great attachment that buttoned over the baby carrier. I asked her where she bought it and she told me she had knit it herself. After looking it over again, determined that I could definitely knit that. I came home, googled baby carrier covers and voila, my next knitting project

The original pattern is called seaweed and is  from an now defunct blog called Das Leben und so. As a bonus, the writer of the blog is German-speaking.
My only problem is that my coat has a zipper and does not have buttons but I am thinking of attaching snaps or hooks to it. This should be a relatively easy and quick project. I will post pictures when I am done and (hopefully) nice and toasty!

On a completely unrelated note- check out this article on raising half a dozen kids. Always nice to read positive thoughts about large families.


  1. This is so awesome and brilliant! If I have another baby, I will definitely try something like this. My coat also has a zipper and a snap placket over it... a little hard to figure out.

  2. So cool! Wish I could knit :). FWIW, there are things like this that zip in that you could buy:

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