Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Baby is Three

Today is M's Hebrew birthday! I cannot believe he is three years old already.
M is a happy and easy-going kid, who almost always has a precious smile on his face (see pictures below). He loves puzzles and coloring and also loves attending his preschool which he territorially calls "My Chabad".

The birthday boy

Other thing M likes to do:
- sing- particularly Uncle Moishy and 8th Day (how is that for eclectic taste?)
- go to shul on Shabbos
- play in the playground
- play with his siblings: football, building houses out of couch cushions and going on pretend trips
- pet dogs
-watch videos on the iPad- current favorites: Arthur, Yo Gabba  Gabba and Arthur
- eat lollipops, ice-cream and other treats (in moderation of course)

He is a very stubborn and persistent little man, but all our children seem to have inherited that trait. Hm, I wonder who they got that from. He will say the funniest and smartest things and it is hard to be mad at him, even though he definitely has a mischievous streak.

We had a birthday party today at school where he got to practice his aleph-beis. He got a kippa and tzitzis from his teachers. We sang Happy Birthday and shared cupcakes and sunglasses with his friends. A great time was had by all

Pointing to the letter "Mem", the first letter in his name

Hugging the Torah
Giving Tzedaka

Big Brother with  Mommy and the baby
With his Abba. Check out M's million dollar smile
M was so excited to have a party. It was a good practice round for Sunday, when we will be having a bigger party including the Upsheren, M's first haircut. I am curious to see what he will look like, though we certainly will miss that beautiful hair.  More picturs and updates to come.

PS: Funny story. I had bought mini-cupcakes on Tuesday for the party on Thursday. I was hesitant to buy them early because I knew the kids would want them. So I hid them in a cabinet before anyone came home. Turns out I need a new hiding place because when I woke up on Wednesday morning, I was greeted by the sight of Y and M enjoying the cupcakes. They had eaten about 8 of the dozen. I told M that those were the cupcakes for his friends and asked him what his friends would eat now. I obviously bought another package on Thursday morning and when I took them out of my bag at the party, M announced to the class "Oh, we bought new cupcakes!"

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