Friday, January 27, 2012

The Student Life

I am now officially a student! With student ID and all. The first day of class was pretty uneventful. The professor seems nice and I do not think the material should be that difficult. Although I will have a midterm, paper and final to write. It's kind of nice being stimulated in this way. I was always one of those weird people who liked going to school and, depending on the class, was actually interested in the material we were covering. Dvelopmental Psychology is right up my alley, especially being privy to my children's development on a daily basis.
Speaking of school and development- I just got a note from Y's teacher that during circle time today, they all shared their favorite songs and Y sang an entire rendition of the Maccabeats' "Candlelight." He absolutely loves music and I am delighted that not only is he singing, but others are also able to identify the song and words, which was not always the case. A nice nachas moment to take into shabbos- have a good one!

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