Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guests and Snow

It's funny. Since I posted about AY's colic/screaming, his crying at night has pretty much stopped. I guess he decided to prove me wrong. We are going to the pediatrician tomorrow for his 2 month well check-up so I guess I can discuss it with him just to be safe. I am very curious to see how  much this little chunky man weighs...

This weekend was a big one, as it was the first week we were hosting guests again. I decided to be very organized and have all the ingredients I need to cook ready by Thursday morning.I cooked most of the food in Thursday and made Challah and dessert on Friday. The meal went very well, with the help of our new great babysitter who kept an eye on the kids. Other than the baby wanting to nurse just as we were washing for Challah and Y spilling grape juice, there were no major issues. Now that we are having guests, I really do feel like we are back to our old schedule, or maybe creating a new one?
This weekend there was also a lot of snow. We decided to gear up and go check it out this afternoon. The boys thought it was fabulous but A complained that it's boring and that she was cold. Boring seems to be her new favorite word. I am hoping the activities we have planned this week measure up to her high standards :)

If you have a minute to spare, please say Tehillim for Ayelet Galena, Ayelet Yakira bat Chaya Hinda Matel Nechama.
She is an adorable two-year old with a very rare genetic disease. Ayelet had a bone-marrow transplant this past summer and has been in the hospital since then, with lots of ups and unfortunately many downs as well. She is currently on a respirator and could use any positive thoughts/prayers/vibes/mitzvot sent her way. You can read more about Ayelet, on her parents' blog Eye on Ayelet

Note: I made a mistake with Ayelet's Hebrew Name. Please see correction above, I bolded the name that I had written incorrectly.

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  1. what a beautiful baby cant wait to hear how much he weighs and what the doctor says about the colic Put ayelets name on a tehillim list will daven for her refuah shelemah at the kotel