Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 5 month Birthday AY!

Today, AY turned 5 months old. At the risk of sounding very cliche, I cannot believe how the time has flown.
At 5 months, AY is rolling over from his back to tummy and also tummy to back. He can pivot and also push himself backward a bit. Basically, this is the beginning of mobility.
He can grasp rattles and toys and likes spending time on his playmat reaching for things.

I am not sure if he is teething or not but he is constantly sticking things in his mouth, whether toys or his fingers. 

When he is in a good mood and not tired, he is a very smiley, happy baby. He smiles a lot and also laughs and coos.

As is to be expected, when he is tired, he gets very cranky and just wants to be held or rocked till he falls asleep. In general he likes to be held a lot and I often have him in the Ergo or my Moby wrap. He seems to enjoy both of them.
 He is exclusively nursing and at 17 lbs, a big boy but has become increasingly fussy about breastfeeding. He only likes to nurse lying down or when it is quiet and sometimes even screams when I try to feed him that way, which is very frustrating. My mommy intuition fails me when it comes to this problem and I wish I had an answer to his fussiness as it is making nursing increasingly unpleasant.
He is not yet sleeping through the night but I am okay with it, as long as I do not get woken up too often. What confounds my sleep deprivation is AYs siblings who seem to always find a reason to wake me at  the lovely hours of 2 30, 4 or 5 30.
The older kids love AY and love speaking to him, playing with him, making him laugh and watching him take a bath. He has definitely become part of our family and I almost do not remember life without him.
Happy Birthday AY- and many many more :)
PS: More importantly, today is Israel Independence Day, Yom Haatzmaut. More on that a different time.


  1. He's sooooo cute! I've been incognito for awhile~long story~but I'm back and this little post made me realize how long I've been gone! Nice going, momma; look at that rolly polly baby, so happy! SO CUTE! Nice work. =)
    And I hear you on the sleep thing; if it's not one kid it's another.... =P
    My oldest informed me yesterday that when he grows up he only wants two kids because four is too much work. LOL.

  2. welcome back melissa! and thanks for commenting bc no one else does :) I actually got the idea of posting monthly baby updates from your blog. i think its a great way to have a record of what the kids were up to at each point. You think you'll remember this stuff forever, but from experience I now know that I won't :)
    any advice on the fussy nursing from a veteran mama. he is making me crazy these days.