Friday, April 20, 2012

Upgrading our Chairs

Judaism is a religion of many festive meals and when you are the Rabbi/Rebbetzen, you have the privilege of hosting many people in your home for said meals. We bought a nice dining room set when we moved to NY five years ago but it has slowly taken a beating. Between the kids abusing them and the heavy rotation of guests we were having, it was looking bad.
I did the math and a conservative estimate would be about 8 people 40 weeks a year times 5 years, equals about 1600 people having sat in our chairs. So it would come as no surprise that they started looking something like this
Not sure if you can see but on the bottom, the fabric is ripped and the stuffing is showing
We realized something needed to be done. I started pricing reupholstering and found out it was actually not so cheap. We wavered back and forth but in the end decided it was necessary. Hosting people on ripped and dirty chairs was a bit embarrassing.
The chairs were picked up about a month ago and were delivered as good as new yesterday, just in time to host our first post-Pessach shabbos meal.
I decided to be bold and choose a different color. I am very happy with the result.
our new blue chairs- covered in plastic to last longer

I am actually looking forward to our meal tomorrow because we are hosting good friends rather than random people we do not know strangers.  Wishing you all a Good Shabbos!

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