Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Links of the week

I hope to have another post out before Pessach but for now I will leave you with my links of the week
- Ellen at Love That Max is blogging all about toilet training her son Max this week and boy, can I relate. Read her account of her first weekend without diapers here and about her having to be ready to start the process of potty-training here.
-On the birth front Mama Birth talks about the importance of resting after birth- I am a big proponent of that!! If you do not give yourself time in the beginning, you will regret it in the long run.
-Henci Goer has a great piece about why VBAC is safer than a repeat c-section, despite a recent study that came out that seems to claim otherwise.
-Lastly, here is a recipe for Passover granola. It sounds really yummy and like a great breakfast option. If you google "Passover granola recipes" you will find many more variations but they are all pretty similar- matzah, nuts, dried fruit, honey and oil.
How is that for an eclectic mix of interests?? Let me know what you think

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