Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House of Sick

It has been quite an eventful ten days on the illness front. We were lucky enough to have had a pretty easy winter with the kids, but now that it is spring, the germs are flying full force.
It all started on Shabbos, the last day of Pessach. After a sleepless night of A. crying and screaming that her ear hurts, the doctor diagnosed her with strep. The antibiotics worked their magic and within 24 hours she was feeling better.
 A few days later, on Tuesday, we had another sleepless night, this time with Baby AY. A visit to the pediatrician the next morning yielded a diagnosis of an ear infection and yet more antibiotics. The poor baby was so miserable and had a high fever that Tylenol would not bring down. I spent almost a full day wearing him in the ergo, as he whimpered and slept. The antibiotics did the trick for him too after about 24 hours.
I thought we had finally made it through, when Y. fell asleep at the dinner table on Sunday night at 5 pm, which was unusual. Even though he felt warm like he had a fever, he was nice enough not to cause us another sleepless night.
Y asleep at the dinner table
The next morning he told us he was sick and could not go to school. I was a bit skeptical that he had anything serious beyond a cough and runny nose, but off we went again to the pediatrician. I jokingly asked them if they have a "pay for 2 doctor's visits, get the third one free"-offer. Alas, I had to pay the $25 co-pay again. I left the doctor with yet another prescription for amoxicillin to treat strep throat. It was kind of funny to see how dramatic A was about her sore throat, whereas Y was pretty chilled out and barely complained. In general they have very different temperaments.
I am pretty amazed that M has not caught anything yet and I am kind of holding my breath to see if he develops anything over the next few days. I myself had a nice cough and lost my voice for a few days, but I am feeling better. I guess this kind of thing is inevitable in a large family. We do wash our hands and use hand sanitizer but there is only so much you can do.
Now I am trying to keep all the pink bottles in our fridge straight and  am seriously hoping that I do not need to go back to the pediatrician anymore this week. Wish me luck!!

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  1. oh my gosh Y is so cute!! feel better guys!!!