Monday, April 16, 2012


Now that Pessach is behind us, it is time to move forward.
On the one hand, it feels like a huge burden has been lifted and I do not have a deadline looming anymore, on the other hand, I sat down to make a list of all the things that need to be taken care of, and it was quite long. Among them:
-several doctor and dentist appointments for both the children and myself. I am embarrassed to say how long it has been since I have seen a doctor who was not an OB/GYN, so it is definitely time for an annual exam.
- find a way to get to Israel this summer without going broke
-catch up on my developmental psychology course- do my journal assignments, write a paper, etc.

But really, you do not really want to see my to-do list. My point is just, there is always something going on.
I was talking to a friend recently and telling her that my life just feels really full these days. Not overwhelming (although some days it does feel that way) but just busy. There is always work to be done. I am not saying that I do not have a free minute. I do and I am thankful for the breather, but still. Having a fourth child and returning to school has definitely tipped the balance towards taking up most of my days (and nights, with night feedings, other children waking me up, etc)
But I guess that is a good thing. The Torah says that our matriarchs and patriarchs lived "full" days, where every minute was accounted for. Now, I am obviously not comparing myself to the Avos, but it does feel good to be productive, busy and doing good things.

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