Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On Childcare

I have emerged from the kitchen and my pile of laundry just in time for summer school 2 to 6 30 pm Monday through Thursday.
I had a lot of anxiety about arranging childcare. Just ask my husband who had to hear me obsess about it daily.
In the end, I was very fortunate that two former babysitters are available to watch the kids, 2 days each. They are two very capable young women who know my kids very well and whom my kids adore.
That was a huge relief for me. Still, I do feel kind of guilty not to be there when they get off the bus from school. And part of me still believes that I can take better care of them than anyone else because I am their mother. Even if that is true, though, that does not mean that someone else cannot take good care of them too.
Today was kind of a practice round. I freaked out when I saw how much material we need to know and when she gave us an assignment in the lab with very little instruction and said "go".  I have not been near a microscope in about 10 years. Clearly I have a lot of work ahead of me.
The professor did let us leave early so I was home before 5, just in time for dinner and everything was under control. We will see what happens tomorrow when I walk in the door at 6 30. The fun has officially begun.

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