Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Interrupted Life

As a mother, the most precious commodity can sometimes be time. Time to sleep, time to read, go on errands and sometimes even just time to do dishes and laundry without having to stop every ten seconds.
Kids have needs. They have a lot of needs. Food, drinks, diapers, hugs, kisses for boo boos, games they cannot reach, clothes that need to be put on, books that need to be read. And all of it now, now, now.
As children get older, their needs become less immediate. My kids have learned that things do not happen instantly. If they want a drink and I am busy with something, they may have to wait a minute or two.
This obviously does not work well with babies. Their needs are immediate, as in feed me, hold me, change me NOW. It has been a big adjustment for me to get back into the mode of dropping what I am doing because AY needs me, but most of the time I can deal with it.
Every once in a while, though, I do not want to be interrupted. I want to finish writing an email, fold my laundry, cook shabbos on auto-pilot in an hour and a half. I want to study for my final without rocking or holding a baby. I want to sleep uninterrupted for three, maybe even four hours. It does not seem that this is in the cards for me anytime soon, but I did get a little window of time this past week.
Wednesday I was feeling particularly burned out and tired and I decided to go to yoga. Other than 1-2 times of mommy and me yoga I have not been at all in the past six months. I put the older ones to bed, left my husband in charge of the baby and went to class. It was amazing. 90 minutes of uninterrupted time. Watching the sun set and the sky getting dark through the big windows overlooking Broadway. Stretching, moving, breathing in ways at once familiar but also challenging. I left reinvigorated and relaxed with the intention of finding a way to come to yoga more often. Ready to go back to my busy, interrupted life. 

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