Monday, May 21, 2012

Doctor's Rounds

After AY was born and with everything else going on, I kind of fell behind on my doctor's appointments. I still did the well-visits with the pediatrician but some of the other stuff got put on the back burner.
After Pessach, I decided to work on my ever growing list and  started scheduling appointments at the rate of about one a week. I also scheduled myself for some way overdue visits.
So far I took M. and A. to the dentist, then Y to the dentist on a separate trip, myself to an internist for a physical and today, Y went to see the ENT. Next week AY has a well-visit and then Y is due for one at the end of June when he turns 7 (!!).  In addition, I scheduled a dental cleaning for myself and also want to see an ophthalmologist and dermatologist.
It feels a bit overwhelming.  Most visits take the whole morning and by the time I am done, it is already time to pick M up from pre-school. It definitely cuts into my free time and the time I use for errands and other stuff that needs to get done. But I am trying to just do one appointment at a time.
 I figure by the time I am done with all the visits, it may be time to schedule new ones :) I am especially trying to prioritize  my own doctor's appointments. Taking care of four little ones takes a lot out of you and in order to care for them effectively, I need to be functioning well. That is also why I finally started taking the multi-vitamin I was supposed to have been taking for months.Slowly, slowly, we are making progress.

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