Saturday, May 29, 2010

2 exciting updates

Two exciting things going on in my life.
One is the beautiful Dell Laptop that just arrived today and that I am currently using to type this blog post!! I was long overdue for a laptop and was going to hold off until my birthday in July but since my husband will be working from home for most of the summer, it was getting a little impossible to get near the computer. Happy early birthday to me! So far so good. It actually is pretty large with a big screen but I don't mind because I am not planning on lugging it around with me anyway. And it's purple. Another way to ensure that I will be the one using it :)
The second event this week actually preceded the arrival of the laptop was the twin birth I attended on Thursday! It was a very last minute thing and I did not actually get to see much of the births at all but it was a very educational experience. I learned that at New York Presbyterian-Cornell the policy for twins is to deliver in the OR even if it is a vaginal delivery "just in case" they need a cesarean. Great vote of confidence. The truth is that I think this is the policy in most hospitals.
This was the women's third (!) set of twins, the other two were delivered vaginally. Things moved very fast and she actually had her first baby in the regular delivery room, because the doctors were not expecting her to give birth just yet. After Baby A (a girl) was born they made the decision to give her an epidural and move her to the Operating Room. Unfortunately, Baby B (a boy) was a cesarean. I did not get the details because I was not allowed in, but thankfully both babies and the mother are doing great.
I was very impressed with the woman's husband. He was very supportive of his laboring wife and actually advocated very strongly for her. They felt they were not being treated well by their nurse so he asked for a new nurse. He also asked for the pitocin to be turned down while they were waiting for the anesthesiologist to come administer the epidural. Not everyone always has the confidence to contradict or challenge medical staff, even when necessary.
Never a dull moment in my life. Looking forward to many more (hopefully funny and insightful) posts from my new laptop! And comments- did I mention that I like comments? Especially when it's not just my family members :)

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