Monday, May 3, 2010

Lamaze- Day 2

There is so much I want to post but, honestly, I am just too tired. Two full 8-5 days of a workshop will do that to you. It is far from boring but it is just hard to sit, and I keep moving around, shifting positions.
Some highlights of today were- making choices about our ideal birth and then thinking about how we would feel is 1 or 2 or 10 of the things we wanted did not happen.
We spoke about breastfeeding and its advantages. About postpartum issues and time management. We discussed different positions for labor as well as the Fear-Pain-Tension theory.
Tomorrow we all have to present a topic for 5 minutes. I am doing "The Labor Bag" and have my goodies all packed and ready to go.
I am sorry if this is not so coherent. if you are wondering why I am not making sense, just reread the first sentence on my being really tired...I feel like I am learning a lot in this course but I also realize that I have a lot more work to do. Write my own course design/curriculum. Go through the Lamaze Study Guide. Study for the exam. It seems that this will be a long term project. The next time the exam will be given is in october and I hope to be ready to take it by then. I guess we will see.
Tomorrow is day three. It is odd for me to be out of the house and away from my kids all day. Everyone is doing fine thanks to my husband, in laws and a few great babysitters. It is helpful to know everyone is taken care of, so I can just relax and take in as much information as possible.

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