Thursday, May 6, 2010


Thankfully, everything went well today. Y went in at 8 am but it took longer than expected and they were not done till close till 10am. I got to go into the OR with him and stayed there till he fell asleep. He was scared and was fighting the sleep mask. It was hard seeing him like that.
He had a difficult time waking up from the anesthesia- crying, thrashing, etc. but that is normal. We had to stay in the hospital for a few hours to make sure he was okay. The nurses also wanted him to drink a certain amount before discharge but Y was too tired and cranky and refused to drink. Finally at 2 o clock they let us go.
He spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping but tomorrow I need to make sure to keep him hydrated. I am just happy to be on the other side of things. I hope his recovery is relatively smooth. Thanks to everyone who had us in mind.

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