Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have been working on printing new business cards and larger postcards that I can distribute in my neighborhoods and others as well. I figure it may get my name out more and hopefully generate more business. The cards finally arrived today and they look great.
Unfortunately blogger is not letting me upload the pdf image so I can't show you!! I will keep working on it though. In the meantime, feel free to refer friends or anyone else you know who needs a doula!

Edited to add- Since I cant seem to post the file, I am posting a picture of the postcard. They look better IRL but just to get a sense

The back of the card has my bio:
Ruchi (Rachel) Cohen is a mother of three who has had an avid interest in
the wonder of childbirth since the birth of her oldest in 2005. The
subsequent VBAC of her daughter in 2006 inspired her to help other
women with their birthing experiences. Ruchi received her doula
certification through DONA International in June 2009. Having spent
significant time in both Austria and Israel, she is fluent in English, German
and Hebrew.
Ruchi believes that women should feel secure, comfortable and in control
throughout the birth process. There are many components to a woman's
birthing experience, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual, and
Ruchi works with the laboring woman and her partner to address them all.
She strives to create a nurturing environment through her warmth,
personal touch and calming presence.
In 2010, Ruchi added childbirth education to the range of services she
provides, to better help women prepare for the wondrous moment of
meeting their babies for the first time. Ruchi lives in Manhattan with her
husband and three children and blogs about life as a mom and doula at

What do you think?

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