Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PS 199

PS 199- that is where Y will most probably be going to kindergarten next year. After 10 months of researching and visiting many many schools, this is the placement the Board of Ed has assigned us. It is a school with a great reputation. We were impressed with the class we saw on our visit today, but then the teacher told us she may not be teaching this class next year!
There is a different school right up the block from us that we really wanted Y to attend but I don't think we will push for it because this seems good.
Still this will take some getting used to. As an Orthodox Jew who has gone to Jewish dayschools/yeshivas her whole life, I never thought I would step foot into a Public School. This is not an elitist thing, just a comfort level of my child being immersed in a school that teaches the culture and values of Judaism: the Hebrew alphabet, the Jewish holidays, just the way of being. It is about being immersed in a Jewish environment.
But yet again, the reality of special needs will dictate where Y goes to school and I, I will just need to adjust my expectations and attitude. Let go the dream of my child being included in a yeshiva and work with what I have.


  1. I'm sure that must be a relief of sorts-- knowing that you likely have a final decision... the whole process can be so, so draining in many ways. I am glad you feel confident and comfortable with the class, with this placement... that is the best way to go into a school year. may Y have a very wonderful year of learning, growing, and developing...

  2. It is a relief to finally be at the end of this long process. I have had a lot of anxiety about this issue for months now and am looking forward to finally just signing the placement agreement and moving on.

  3. great news about Y What a relief for you and your husband that y is going to a great school thats appropriate for him and his needs May he grow and develop and learn many new skills Im sure you guys will continue to provide for him a beautiful jewish environment full of jewish knowledge Culture and love that you both give him each and every Minute of his day