Sunday, June 13, 2010

End of school year

Slowly, slowly summer is approaching. Actually time has been going by really fast and here were are, down to the last two days of school. Tomorrow we are celebrating Y's birthday at school even though it is two weeks from now. Then Tuesday the kids are having their class goodbye parties and that will be it for a while.
I am looking forward to the summer because we will be going to Israel in a few weeks but am also a bit wary, because it means it is time for "Camp Mom". The kids will be going to camp in Israel which means we have five weeks of unstructured time to fill until we get there. Lots of hours will be logged at various city playgrounds, the library, children's museum, etcetera.
It is also sad for me because it means my children will be leaving the preschool they have been attending for the past two/three years. Y will be in public school next year and we are moving A to a different school for logistical and social reasons.
The Chabad Early Learning Center here on the West Side has been so welcoming to us as a family, and specifically to Y these past few years. They were the only pre-school who were willing to try mainstreaming him and were always on top of thing- giving feedback, having meetings, tweaking things as necessary. They truly cared about him and continue to do so. Y will hopefully go there 2-3 afternoons a week next year to continue his Jewish education. The director has reassured me over and over, that Y is "their" child and they are committed to giving him whatever he needs. This support has meant so much to me personally and our whole family. It is always bittersweet to move on and transition but specifically because I know that this love and individual care is not something we will get in his future schools.
Chabad is having its Annual Dinner tomorrow night and we will be going, to show our appreciation and respect for this wonderful institution. Check them out at

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  1. that is so awesome to have a school that is so much more than "just" a school-- it is a family, a support, a loving hug... i'm so happy for you and Y that you had that wonderful gift in your lives. great idea to continue next yr some afternoons...
    i know what you mean about "camp mom" time-- mine's coming up soon, i finish work june 28. and then...
    i think the childrens museum of manhattan is in your neck of the woods... it's been a favorite of my kids when they were younger. my youngest would enjoy that now.