Friday, June 18, 2010

Girl's Morning Out

This morning A. was supposed to meet a friend in the park. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication with her friend's babysitter and they were not there. So we decided to make a morning out of it and spend some time together. We went for an early lunch and then for manicures! I am the first to say that little girls should not have their nails painted, they have the rest of their life for that. But I thought it would be a special treat for her. We chose a very mellow pink and she loved the whole experience. She was proudly showing everyone her nails for the rest of the day. I made sure to emphasize that this was a one time thing and not a regular occurence.
Our last stop was Payless, where A helped me pick a new bag, since the strap on my old one had broken. In the store she decided that she absolutely HAD to have a pair of fipflops. I was highly skeptical, but she insisted so we settled on a pair of 8 dollar Dora flip flops. When we went to run another errand later in the afternoon it was clear that she cannot walk in these shoes AT ALL. Oh well. Maybe they can be her playshoes for the house.
It was nice spending time one-on-one with A. My husband and I are always reflecting on how BIG these kids are getting. They have personalities, likes and dislikes and they will tell it to you straight. But just when you think they are all grown up, they will go ahead and have a tantrum with the requisite kicking and screaming. That's when you remember that she is not even 4 yet and that my parenting job is far from over :)
Have a wonderful shabbos

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