Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy story

Last night, I had to go to a wedding in Jersey. We do not own a car so I was reserved a zipcar like I usually do. Two weeks ago a distant relative of the bride called and asked if he and his wife could have a ride. I said yes, even though I was kind of hesitant. I am very OCD about time and don't like to wait for other people. I was also kind of looking forward to having quiet time in the car on the way rather than making conversation with people I don't know. But they needed a ride and I had space, so I said yes.
As we were leaving the parking garage, the woman I was driving mentioned that she was a special education teacher and the kids in her class had graduated today. I always perk up when someone mentions special education or special needs so I asked her where she teaches. She said "PS 199"- the school Y is going to next year. I could not believe it. I told her that my son is going there next year and asked if she knew who the kindergarten teacher is going to be. She said that she most probably will be.
I was totally floored. I mean really, what are the chances of that happening? She seems really nice and it would be wonderful for him to have an observant Jewish teacher who know all about kosher and other issues.
I was so glad that I decided to do the "right" thing and give this couple a ride. I guess no good deed goes unrewarded. It turns out, she may not be teaching the class because the school is trying to force her into early retirement. Either way, it was just a little reminder that G'd is watching out for us, which is always nice.

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