Monday, September 20, 2010

Birth information on the Internet

The Internet is great- type anything into google and you'll get thousands of results. If you search for"birth" you will actually get 182 million (!) results. The question is if all this information is reliable- how do you know whom to trust? Whether you are pregnant or not, here are some reliable and informative websites on the web:
1) Lamaze- has lots of great information about natural childbirth and the research to back it up too.
They also have a directory of Lamaze-certified educators in your neighborhood and have started a blog called Giving Birth with Confidence, that has women chronicling their pregnancies, birth related articles, as well as forums for women to get answers and support.
2) DONA International- The most widely known  doula certification organization has information on what a doula is, reasons for hiring a doula and how to find one in your area.
3)For those interested in VBACs, you might want to check out The Unnecesarean, a blog devoted to raising awareness about the rising c-section rates, information on how to avoid a c-section and important information about having a successful VBAC. Warning: the rhetoric of this site is very pro-natural and againstthe medicalized model of birth and may not speak to everyone.
There are also many blogs devoted to childbirth, doulas and midwives and sometimes it's fun to read some of them to get a sense of other's experiences. There are also birth videos on youtube but watch those at your own discretion!
Let me know if you would like some more links and feel free to post some recommendations of your own. I am off to bed so I can be up at 6 45 to get Y ready for his schoolbus at 7 30!

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