Monday, September 13, 2010

May I brag?

This is a little nachas post about my little A, who turned 4 last week. She doesn't get mentioned much on this blog but not for lack of love.
I know I am biased but she is really quite smart and says the funniest things. I apologize in advance for all those who don't understand all the Jewish terminology. Iwill try to translate but this might be a little confusing.
Today, when I picked her up from school, I told her that I had taken M. to the park. She asked, "Was it much easier, just taking one child to the park?" I laughed and told her that yes, taking just once child to the park is easier than taking all three.
While we were walking home, she started telling me what she had learned in school. She said that children need to listen to many people- to Hashem (G'd), to their parents and to one more person. I asked if she meant her teachers, but she said "No, it is someone very special. It's the yatza tob" I was stumped for minute and then asked her if she meant the Yetzer Tov (good inclination) and she nodded and said he was very nice but the other guy (the yetzer ra) is bad. I agreed with her and was surprised that she remembered all that.
Later in the afternoon, Y. and A. were having the usual fight about who gets to sit in the stroller and who stands on the buggy board. All of a sudden, A. got up and said "I am going to listen to my yetzer tov and let Y. sit." I was really touched and also impressed that she could apply what she had learned in school to a real-life scenario. I hugged A. and told her I was proud of her.
And I truly am proud of her- for being a good sister to her brothers, and a wonderful caring soul. On my to-do list this year is spending more one-on-one time with her to make sure she gets enough attention, even though she is the sandwiched between two attention-grabbing brothers.


  1. that is a beautiful story-- and yes you may brag ;)
    that's indeed a priceless moment-- may you experience many, many more!!!

  2. You may certainly brag about A Shes an unusually bright4year old At the yom tov meal when someone mentioned that their firm went public A said that Y went Public al A taken?so She meant that he went to PUblic schoolI hope you tell her teacher the yetzer hatov story Where is the picture of A taken? SC says

  3. That is so sweet, what a bright little girl!

    We had friends in Virginia who had a boy and two girls. The dad would take the older daughter/middle child out for what they called the "Number 2 club", since they were both the second children in their families. So they would have special activities, just the two of them. So even though she wasn't the oldest and wasn't the baby, she had her special thing too.

    Just an inspiration :)