Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The year in pictures

Yesterday I finally had the chance to put our family pictures of the last six months or so in photo albums. Even though everything is digital these days,I still like having the pictures printed out and organized chronologically in albums. I love turning the pages and my kids love looking at older albums, seeing how little they once were and naming the people in the pictures.
As I was putting the pictures in, I was marveling at how much my children have each grown and matured over these past months. I loved seeing all the fun activities we did, the great places we had been and their beautiful smiles. I picked out a few good ones for my husband's office, so he can look at our cuties during the day.
I just felt very greatful for my family. With all their craziness and all the crying, whining and spilling and early early wake-ups, I still know I am a lucky mom. It's a great feeling to take into succos- we will definitely have lots of family time over the next 72 hours! Chag Sameach!

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