Saturday, September 11, 2010

Post Rosh Hashana

It has been an intense three days but, thank G'd, everything went smoothly. I got to go to shul both days and daven (pray) a bit. The kids came in to hear the shofar and thankfully were quiet and well-behaved. The meals were nice. The food was good (if I may say so myself) and our company was enjoyable. Most importantly, I was able to foucs on the spirittual significance of the day as well and tentatively make plans for growth.
Now the dishes are washed, the floor is swept and the apartment looks semi-respectable. Up next tomorrow is laundry and trying to figure out what clothing the kids still need for the fall. FYI, Children's Place is having a sale- 15 percent off your entire purchase with a code you can get on their website. It ends Sunday so I am hoping to take care of that. Not tonight though- I am off to bed soon.

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  1. we really enjoyed spending yom tov with our son, daughter in law, and fabulous grandchildren whom we love so dearly They were adorable and very well behaved A looks great on her first day of school and we pray that y will find tremendous success in his new school environment When I worked with special needs children and the public school I was very impressed by the job they did