Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yom Kippur

I was just posting about Rosh Hashana and here we are, Yom Kippur starts tomorrow night and I feel unprepared. In an attempt to keep my commitment to become more growth-oriented I have been listening to some Torah classes online and have come up with some sort of plan:
1) Commit to one small change and then really follow through (based on a class by Rabbi Leib Kelemen), although I have yet to decide what that change will be
2) Accept where I am in life as my tafkid, my role. Rebbetzen Yemima Mizrachi spoke about Yom Kippur as being a day of Teshuva. And part of Tshuva, is to stop running away from our tafkid, like Yona did. We always think we know better than G'd, as if He made a mistake when he gave us that job/child/illness, or any other challenge we may not like. Only once we accept ourselves and our roles as women, wives and mothers can we start working on ourselves in a meaningful way.
Lots to think about and pray for in the coming days. Looking forward to being inspired by my husband's speeches as well.
Wishing everyone a gmar chatima tova and an easy and meaningful fast.
PS: I realize that I haven't really posted anything doula or birth-related recently. Having been in Israel for a month and then getting ready for school and the chagim hasn't really left much time for this part of my life.But I have been doing some interesting reading and hope to share some thoughts with you in a week or two. Stay tuned!

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