Sunday, September 26, 2010

Formula Recall

By now, most of you must have heard about the Similac Infant Formula Recall. Aside from the gross-factor of beatles in formula, it also makes me think about some of the advantages of breastfeeding. There are no outside factors involved, you know exactly what your baby is getting- it comes straight from you. Also, from a practical standpoint, there are no bottles to wash and sterilize!
I recognize that not everyone wants to or is able to exclusively breastfeed but I do think it requires serious consideration. Man-made processed food will never be as healthy and nutritious as naturally grown food. With all the movement towards organic and green food, what could be more "green" than breastfeeding your child! Just a thought...

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  1. definitely true. i appreciate your insertion of "not everyone wants to or is able to" in there-- we once had a guest who saw my youngest drinking formula, and gave us a whole tirade-- yes, completely inappropriate... some ppl don't consider that some circumstances prevent mothers from nursing/ or babies from being able to nurse. besides that it is a personal decision; some ppl have this decision "made" for them...