Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Date Night

Tonight, my husband and I went out on a date. Sometimes, when we are really ambitious and motivated to invest in our relationship, we resolve to try and go out once a week. Usually this resolution does not last for very long because life interferes. More typically, it ends up being closer to once a month.
Still, it is important to invest the time, even when we can think of ten other things we could or should be doing.  Tonight was fun. I got to pick the restaurant (dairy, of course) so we checked out a cute cafe on the Upper East Side. The food was good but the company was better...
With my husband traveling, my attending births and some other work obligations, it had felt like a really long time since my husband and I had taken a chunk of time to just to talk and relax. We chatted, caught up on various bits and pieces of information we wanted to share with each other and laughed a lot.
I am obviously not introducing some new revolutionary concept by suggesting that every couple should take a time out from busy life every once in a while, but it is important so it could stand to be repeated. The more you invest in your relationship, the more you will get out of it. Simple as that. And, if you play your cards right, you may even get a really yummy piece of cheese cake too!


  1. that is really beautiful, did you share with your husband how much you enjoyed the time with him?

  2. so true! I love date nights but they just don't happen often enough =) Weekly dates seem like more work than fun, so we just aim for an amorphous "as often as possible" lol. It's great to get out and remember just why I like the guy so much! =)

    As a fellow birth doula did you know about my other blog? It's a canadian resource but has good links, and some of the info is cross border translatable!

    I'm a contributer on that one, but not the founder. My mom just wrote a good post on there about bringing baby home (she's a labor and delivery nurse and lactation consultant, and a board member for mothers of change). Of course you and I with three plus babies know most of the bringing baby home stuff, but it's a good resource I use for clients.