Friday, January 21, 2011

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Due to jet-lag and other reasons (A and Y dont have the jet lag excuse!), my kids have been waking up at 6 am every morning. I hear them and try to ignore them for a bit until I hear A say "Mommy, we neeeeed you" at which point I get up and survey the damage done. This morning, for example, there was yogurt all over the couch, floor and in M's hair.
That is not my point though. What I am realizing is how much you can get done when you get up a bit earlier.
This morning, I got everyone dressed and fed, put Y on the bus, baked my challah, prepared ingredients for salad, washed dishes, did 3 loads of laundry and cut my meat for shabbos. All before 9 am.
This is very different from our usual schedule, when I stumble out of bed after 7, put on a skirt and a scarf, dress Y and drag him and his half-asleep and pyjama-clad siblings downstairs to get there just in time for the bus (the bus that is actually coming at 7 40 instead of 7 30 starting on Monday- I am so excited!).
I have never really been a morning person, and I don't see that changing dramatically in the future. I am also hoping the 6 am wake-up is a phase that will pass (very very) soon. But for now, I am enjoying my early morning productivity. Although, to be honest, I don't like the feeling of exhaustion that usually kicks in mid-day when I already feel like I have been up forever!
When do you/your kids wake up? What's your morning routine like?


  1. This is a sore topic in our house! Everyone is a 'night owl' except Matthew, my #2 boychick. He's up, dressed, and waiting at the table by 7. The rest of us are dragging out of bed at 7/7:45/8:00!!! I wish there were a bus. Jeepers. I have to drive and park and walk them to class: unless we're up early then we walk. Mostly we all walk around like zombies while Matthew chatters away incessantly!
    Some days I wish I could drink coffee just to wake. me. up!

  2. I need a schedule! That will be our mommy vent topic of the week. But I definitly don't want that schedule to start before 7am :)