Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vienna Update

I have been remiss about blogging since I got here, partially because I am jet lagged and also because we have been busy relaxing here :)
First of all, the flight was really smooth. Flying with one child, especially a cooperative one, is definitely easier than flying with three. I also took a carseat along for the plane which I HIGHLY recommend doing. M is at that age when he has a hard time sitting still. The seat ensured that he was sitting safely for take off and landing and also made it more comfortable for him to sleep.
I have spent most of the time here going for walks (have I mentioned how much I love just walking around the city?), shopping (great sales!) and chatting with family and friends. I also visited my Oma twice and stayed for an hour so her caretaker could go out for a bit. Unfortunately, she is not aware that I am there, as she sleeps most of the time and doesn't really open her eyes. My husband says I should take a picture of her with M but I don't know if I want to remember her looking like this.
Today I was pampered a bit when I went for a facial and shoulder massage. Then we celebrated M's second birthday (which is actually tomorrow-wow!) with a little party. My aunts and cousins came over for home-made pizza, fries and cake. Kudos for my mom for putting it all together and making all the yummy food.
Tomorrow I am planning to go skiing with my Dad. I have not skied since I have been married or possibly even longer which means maybe 7 years or more. But there is a place an hour away and I figured- why not? Who knows when the next opportunity will present itself to ski. Probably never. I hope it's like riding a bike, something you don't forget.
On the NY front, the kids and hubby are doing well. Everyone is dressed and fed, goes to school and goes to bed on time. My husband has told me has been getting lots of accolades from the other moms in A's class for being such a great Dad. And he definitely deserves them. We have been skyping every day which has been really great because we get to see each other and not just talk on the phone.
Soon enough I will be back to reality but for now I am enjoying my little break from regular life. Anyone else planning any vacations or escapades anytime soon?

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