Sunday, January 9, 2011

Travel day

Today is the beginning of my long-awaited vacation. In a few hours, M and I will get on a plane to Vienna to see my parents and my Grandmother, who has not been well for a while. I am leaving the older two with my husband, who has graciously volunteered to play Mommy for the week. I am leaving with a lot of instructions and much confidence in his abilities to rough it on his own with two kids for a week. My bags are packed and now I am going to try and spend some quality time with the older two. A has informed me that she will be "having a party" with Abba while I am gone and seems anxious for me to leave so they can start having fun.
This is the longest time I have every left my kids and I always feel guilty doing so, even if they will be with my husband. But I do feel like I have earned myself some time off, especially after being snowed in with them for a few days. Flying with one kid should be a breeze after flying with three this past summer..or not. Flying with kids is always an adventure. Will report from the other side!

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