Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wacky Weather

It is officially snowing in October...stuff like this and the ridiculous heat this summer makes me believe in global warming and that we are messing up our environment and weather.
It has been snowing and raining all day. It did not stick in NYC but in New Jersey they got several inches and there have been power outages. I did get a notification that all NYC parks are closed because they are concerned about the snow on trees taking down branches.
It was a long day indoors with the kids. By the time shabbos was over, they were bored and all played out and I retreated to my bedroom to hide until my husband came home from shul. It made me think of a long cold winter ahead with lots of time indoors. Shabbos makes things more difficult because they are restricted in what they can play with. We will need to come up with some snow day activities and maybe have a stash of special toys/treats for emergencies. Something else to add to my to-do list. But more importantly on my to-do list, I need to buy everyone boots!

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  1. I totally relate! I did manage to get their coats ready thurs nite, but... didn't get to think about boots... that's next on the list,i guess...