Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Although I have been slowing down, one thing I do not want to give up is my weekly yoga practice. I had to miss last week because of succos but in general, I try to squeeze that session in somehow once a week. I feel so much better on so many levels when I go- physically, emotionally, etc.
At the beginning of every class, our teacher Magi asks us to close our eyes and form an intention for this session. While it does feel a bit new-agey to me, recently I have been focusing on really being present in the class without checking my watch at all, meaning, no peaking to see how much longer I need to hold this pose or alternately checking to see how many precious minutes of me-time are left before I head back to reality. Another intention has been to enjoy the class, while listening to my body and not overdoing it and knocking myself out.
Yesterday, Magi said something interesting. She said, we could also form a dedication for this class, meaning dedicate our practice to someone who could benefit from some yoga in their life or somebody who is already benefiting from the fact that we do yoga. I immediately thought of my children. While my primary goal in doing yoga is definitely to make time for myself, my children and husband are the clear beneficiaries of this activity. By taking good care of myself, I am in a better place to then give to them. It's a pretty simple equation. If mom is happy and balanced, she can help her family achieve the same thing.
So, yesterday, as I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, I smiled and thought to myself, "Kiddos, this one is for you!"

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