Monday, October 24, 2011

Slowing Down

Well, I am finally ready to admit that it is time for me to slow down. I have been trying to take it easy but with yomtov, mommy responsibilities,etc it is not always so easy to do.
But my body is slowly but surely giving me signals that it can't keep up. This morning I did a lot of walking, taking A and M to the pediatrician for well visits and flushots. By the time I had dropped them both at school on opposite ends of the West Side, I was ready for a nap (which I did not take. I did errands instead. But I could have used it).
 At night, I spend a lot of time on the couch or in bed because my belly just feels heavy and I also start having Braxton-Hicks contractions if I try to do too much. Then again, I am having Braxton Hicks contractions while sitting on my bed here typing as well, so I guess that just means my body is practicing :)
I like to use my evenings productively when it is quiet- dishes, laundry, sweeping and sometimes bigger projects like going through closets or finding my boxes of baby clothing. I am guessing I will have to put some of this on hold or move it to the morning time, when I still have more energy.
For now I have a feeling my evenings are going to involve a lot of time lying down, reading blogs or interesting articles online and knitting. I made a baby blanket but want to enlarge it so I am thinking of adding some more panels to it. I am also knitting a baby cardigan and need to finish up a maternity sweater I started a while ago. I guess if I don't do that soon, I probably will not even have a chance to wear it.
I recently heard one of A's teachers tell her that even when her mommy is sitting down, her body is still working very hard because she is growing a baby. I am going to adopt that as my new party line so I don't feel too guilty for resting and "slacking off" a bit.
At what point in your pregnancy did you start feeling that it's time to take it easy?


  1. Hey, I got your email!! Yes, Amarys outgrew her lovely sweater but it kept her cozy last spring, which lasted til mid July in our area!! =) I passed the sweater on to my sister, whose first baby is due in May, with request that she return it when she's done. So your work is getting lots of love and wear!
    I am sorry to hear you are tired, although it is very true that your body is working hard even when you are sitting down! Rest up as much as you can, your body has lots of hard work ahead with the birth itself! =) Much luck and well wishes for you for this birth!
    For me, I think the time in my pregnancy when I needed to slow down moved back with each pregnancy. I would say around 36 weeks the first time, 32 weeks the second time, and 20 weeks with my third pregnancy. I had to go off work early because of painful contractions from 20 weeks on, and I couldn't pick up my little ones or vacuum or anything hard. But jeepers, it was tough to do that for another 20 weeks! Yikes.
    I'm looking forward to hearing your next birth story!!! Hooray for babies!

  2. I always said the last 6 weeks are the hardest.

    Right now my autistic son's teacher is in her 2nd trimester and she says she has lots of energy. But I can't see how she'll be feeling that way come January. I hope her assistants will be ready to pick up the slack. I guess it's kind of selfish of me to be thinking about her pregnancy only in the way it affects my child.

  3. Melissa, I am glad you enjoyed and got use of it and by all means pass it on and share the love.
    Tesyaa, I totally hear what you are saying about your teachers pregnancy affecting your child. When I have moments like that, I try to remind myself that they have a life outside of the classroom, and are entitled to it :)