Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rosh Hashana Highlights

It's hard to believe that the long-anticipated 3-day Rosh Hashana has come and gone already. We had a nice yomtov.
-I had a chance to daven in shul both days. This was meaningful to me, as I told a friend later on, because I often feel that that spiritual part of me is so far buried under mommy-brain and being busy with the kids, that I worry it may not exist anymore. I don't really pray very much during the year, and when I do, it is usually hurried and without much concentration. Having time to really tap into formal prayer and to daven without distraction was really encouraging. It is just good to know that, when given the rare opportunity, I have not lost the ability to connect in that way.
On a related note, the davening felt so familiar to me. Reaching certain passages was like greeting old friends or rereading passages of a favorite book. It may be an odd way to describe it but it was also very comforting to feel so at home in the prayers.
-The kids missed shofar on the first day, because I miscalculated the timing, but the baal tokea was nice enough to blow a few kolos for them after shul. They heard the last 40 kolos on the second day and really enjoyed that. M was a bit noisy so I had to take him out for parts of it, but the other two were pretty good. Y also had the opportunity to stand next to his Abba at birkat kohanim. It was very sweet, although he was a bit confused as to what was going on. He just followed the lead of the others, though, and swayed underneath the tallis that we bought him this summer in Israel.
- Our meals were fun although they started and ran pretty late so by the time we finished lunch it was 4 30 or 5 and it was already time to get ready for the next day. I might have to rethink keeping my oven on for the whole yomtov because the kitchen was unbearably hot, and the heat extended into our dining room as well.

Some cute anecdotes from the kids:
-On Wednesday, Y's class was learning their basic information such as name, age, address, phone number, etc.. The teacher wrote me a note, saying that Y was insisting that he lives in Israel...I guess he takes after his mother in that respect.
- Today, the kids were teasing M for some reason, calling him a baby. He responded indignantly; "I am not a baby, I am M. I can do the monkeybars." If you can swing on monkey bars, then you are definitely not a baby anymore :) He also said that he is not a baby but "Ima has a baby in her tummy"  I guess it is slowly sinking in.
Which is a good thing, because at almost 32 weeks pregnant, we are definitely getting close to the big day! More pregnancy related stuff in a different post- how was your Rosh Hashana? Any exciting/funny/inspiring highlights?

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