Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Giving Back

Over the years of being a parent of a child with special needs I have been and still am on the receiving end of lots of advice- finding therapists, medical referrals, toilet training, IEPS, general support, you name it. I am part of a Special needs list serve and also know other parents and their information is often invaluable and not easily accessible.
At times, as a parent, you feel like you are reinventing the wheel when the answers already exist, you just have to find the person who knows them. This is why I very much treasure being on the giving end of the advice chain.
Whether it is support for a new mother, referrals to therapists or explaining how CPSE works, I like to help people.  Not because I am so knowledgeable and amazing, but because I remember so clearly what it is like to need answers and not know how to get them. Just today I had the opportunity to email someone with some information about the Turning 5 process. This mother is confused and hearing conflicting information from different sources. All she wants is to find a placement for her child. While I definitely do not have all those answers for her, I was able to give her some general information that will be helpful in making decisions and point her in the right direction.
Knowing how meaningful it is to me to get a crucial bit of information or just the listening ear of someone who has been there, I am happy to give back in this way. Supporting each other on this crazy journey is what it is all about!

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