Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Ayelet

Why is it that you only appreciate what you have when confronted with loss?
We woke up yesterday morning to the sad news that little Ayelet Galena had passed away in the early hours of the morning. It was a shock and I have spent the last two days quietly mourning and reflecting on Ayelet and her incredible parents.
The truth is, I woke up on Tuesday feeling sorry for myself. It was the day of Y's annual IEP meeting. While we usually discuss how far he has come, most of the meeting is spent discussing new goals and how far he still has to go. But my little pity part was cut short when I read the news. How can I complain when I have four healthy children? Healthy enough to make messes, throw tantrums and blast Uncle Moishy at 5 45 am.
And yes I should be feeling that every day, but it gets lost amid the lack of sleep and the children who seem to be intent on stepping on my every last nerve and seeing how far they can push.  This was a stark reminder of all my blessings, one that I probably needed.
My husband and I went to the funeral today. It was very sad but also very moving. There is something really powerful to be united in this way with hundreds (we estimate about 750  but it is hard to know) of people. We were all there together, to show support for Hindy and Seth, to comfort and be comforted.
And through the tears I also laughed at some of Hindy and Seth's comments but mostly I was inspired. Do you know that through the bone marrow drives that were held for Ayelet, a staggering 21 matches were found? This little two year old girl has been the conduit for saving all these lives. Her facebook group and blog inspired so many of us to pray, do good deeds and work on ourselves. She truly was a light and an inspiration.
If a two year old can bring out so much good and create so much light, who knows what our true potential is.
So I have been thinking a lot these past few days. Mourning this tremendous loss, feeling her family's pain while also appreciating the blessings I have and contemplating every individual's potential to accomplish so much.
Let us all resolve to spread a little bit more light. May her memory be for a blessing.

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  1. Thank you for your inspiration Through your pain and sorrow while you mourn little yaelet You have uplited us with new hope and reminded us of all our blessings Yehei Zichrah bruchah