Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to School and Links

Today we got back into more normal routine, as A's bus service resumed and the boys went back to school. I used the morning to bake hamentashen for Purim...It is 10 days away and I have a lot of cooking and prepping to do for our ever-expanding Purim meal.
I also have a midterm next Tuesday which is not exactly convenient but it seems none of my classmates are making a meal for 35+ people. I was just telling my friend that I would rather start cooking early and freeze, because I am too old to pull all-nighters.
The costumes are bought/ordered, my mishloach manos boxes and food are in the apartment too, so I am feeling semi-confident that things will fall into place.
I am just happy to be back to our usual schedule and to have some time to run errands and do my cooking. And to not have to take someone to the bathroom every 45 minutes. Baby AY has not been super cooperative in terms of sleeping and letting me get stuff done, but I will have to just schedule nursing  and/or holding the baby breaks into my schedule.
Since I have nothing too exciting to report, here are some more interesting links:
-MamaBirth on becoming "That Mom"- I can totally relate to this

-JewishMom has a very moving article about the Fogel-family. It is nearly a year since the murder and the piece profiles how the children and grandparents are trying to move on.

And for some Adar humor, a video making fun of all the things Anglos in Israel say. I could totally relate to this and it made me miss my family and friends in Israel, who are lucky to be there every day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the amazing article about the FOgel family a year later What strength and courage this family has The grandparents are role models for us all Their love and devotion to their grandchildren Is an example to all of us Their emunah and bitachon gives us strength They give such kavod to the memory of their own children and grandchildren who were massacred in Itamar May hashem continue to give them strength and fortitude in their unusual task and may they enjoy simcha in their loves