Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Product Review- Aden and Anais

With the new baby, came the question of new baby gear. Did I have everything already or were there some things I needed? Was there anything new out there? Over the past few years, I had started seeing the Aden and Anais Swaddle Wrap Cloths everywhere. They seemed like a good idea and had cute designs, but once I saw the price tag, I was less enthusiastic to pay so much for what seemed like glorified burp cloths.
Still, something about them appealed to me. When I had the opportunity to use some store credit in a baby store, I decided to go for it and buy a pack.
I have to say that I really, really love them. They are soft and very large and come in handy for lots of things. I use them as a cover when I am out and nursing in public. Their extra large size ensures that I am more than adequately covered and the light material is good for not overheating the baby under a thick covering.
 I use them to clean up spit up or as a changing pad if I do not have one handy. They are great for swaddling the baby, although Baby AY is getting bigger and doesn't seem to need the swaddling as much. They also work as a light blanket, another layer on these pre-spring days.
I have also used the cloths as a covering for his stroller when he is sleeping and we are out and about. Like this, the kids won't poke him and wake him  up and he is also not as exposed to the noises and stimulation of the busy NYC streets. In short, it has become my go-to item and I do not leave home without them.
I am still not super thrilled with the price (between $35-50 for a pack of 4) but at least I now know why they are so popular. My recommendation would be to buy this item if you are pregnant or have a newborn. And if you are really lucky, maybe someone will read this post and gift you a set, so you do not have to pay for it!

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