Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Presenting on Birth

I have been busy these past few days, working on my presentation for class. Our professor wants each of us to pick a chapter of our book to present to the class. Even though the chapter on birth was not on her list of choices, I asked if I could present on this topic, because I have expertise as a doula.
She loved the idea, the only catch was that I had to have it done by Thursday. She told me this on Monday. I said yes anyway and got to work. It helps that we are not home for shabbos this week and I did not need to worry about cooking.
Countless hours and a 23 slide PowerPoint presentation later, I feel prepared. I am going to review it in the morning but I think I am ready. The only other issue is that I know my material but I hate presenting. I am not really much of a public speaker, I usually leave that to my husband. I am hoping the PowerPoint slides will make it easier. I am also motivated because I have the chance to educate a room full of young women and future mothers on the topic of childbirth and teach them some important facts.
Now that I had my first assignment, I feel like I am officially in school!

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