Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Birth at its best

Monday night at 12 15 I got a call from my client that her contractions were picking up in intensity. I left soon after that and was back home in bed by 4 am :)
She had a smooth and fast beautiful birth and I feel so privileged to have been able to be there and to help her through it. It's hard to describe but she was just so internally focused and calm. I held her as we breathed and OMed (like in yoga) through the contractions. We alternated between sitting and standing, but the breathing stayed the same throughout and was amazingly effective. We got to the hospital by 1 30 and the baby (a boy) was born at 2:38. My client pushed him out in abt 3 pushes...the doctors were surprised at how fast everything went.
My client was ecstatic and felt so empowered by her experience, not to mention how overjoyed they were to finally be meeting their new member of the family.
It is births like these that make me feel like I am in the right field. It is so gratifying to be able to be part of this wondeful process...ok, ok, will stop gushing now.

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