Saturday, December 26, 2009

Of Potties and Schools

So A is still doing fabulously well with the whole toileting thing. She goes by herself and needs vey few reminders. We have fallen off the bandwagon with Y. He needs to be taken every 15 minutes and I kept forgetting. We had company over for shabbos lunch so I was a little distracted. He went through all the underwear he had over shabbos. At 4pm I threw in the towel and put him in a pull-up. We are determined to try again tomorrow.
Am officially kicking off my new project this week- it's called "Find Y a school" and it's a wonderful game we play every year. (Can you hear the sarcams coming through?) It involves visiting many schools and speaking to many teachers and professionals who all have different opinions, of course, and then trying to muddle through and make an educated decision that you hope will be good for your child. The last step of course is getting the Board of Ed to pay for it, which may or may not require the services of a lawyer.
These are the times I wish G'd would just send me a little note saying "This is what Y needs- this school and these therapies, etc. He'll do great." Alas it's up to my husband and me...did I mention that I am 26 and do not have a degree in special ed :)

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