Thursday, December 24, 2009

Toilet Traing Two- Day 1

Disclaimer: May contain TMI abt my childrens' bodily functions. If you do not have kids, you may want to skip this post :)
So day 1 of our little adventure went surprisingly well. Y had a few accidents in the morning but once I started being more vigilant, he was okay for most of the day. He definitely needs a lot of reminders. A held everything in till about 1 pm when she finally realized she was just going to have to do it..and she did. Once she got the hang of it, she was great. She is being a little overly careful, going to the bathroom very 5-10 minutes but I prefer this to the alternative.
We stayed close to home (and the toilet) for most of the day but visited the children's museum in the afternoon and managed to get there and back without any accidents.
Don't want to jinx myself. Hope our good luck continues tomorrow and beyond. Like my friend said- it's so much better on the "other side". Am hoping to get there soon.

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