Tuesday, December 29, 2009

you're so lucky

This story is the anti-thesis of a previous post, regarding people's intrusive comments.
We were just coming back from the children's museum around 5 pm. Y. and A. ran ahead to the elevator, with me following with M. in the Ergo . There was an elderly couple waiting for the elevator, who were very friendly and said hello to the kids. As we were going up, the woman asked me if the children were all mine. I smiled and said "yes," bracing myself for "one of those" comments. But instead she said. "Wow, how wonderful. You are so lucky." My mouth almost fell open, but instead I just said "thank you". This comment literally made my day and made me think that I would do well counting my blessings and realizing that I truly am lucky to have such a cute, messy, and wacky family.

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